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Sunday, January 23, 2011


     I have been previously referred to as Fearless Leader (FL) so that is the handle I will use.  I am very proud of each of you for the self-discipline you have been demonstrating, not only in exercising and watching your diet but also in encouraging one another in this blog.
      My exercise program includes ice skating at the school with my students or playing soccer, walking Kameo and Kathy, and doing a routine of exercises from a book that I think is entitled "Losing it with Jillian".  It is an interesting title and one wonders what you must lose to commit oneself to doing the exercises in this program, common sense for example.  Anyway, one thing I like about the exercise program is that it makes each morning a moment of discovery.  As I crawl out of bed I discover which parts of my body have been most effected by the previous day's exercises. Occasionally I really can't tell because no one part hurts more then the rest.
     I also received a video of Yoga exercises from my wife for Christmas.  I was told that this was a gift for my own benefit.  I have a suspicion it was a revenge gift because somebody got her an exercise book last Christmas entitled something like "Losing it with Jillian".  I learned that when a woman asks for exercise equipment, dvd's, books, etc., they really don't mean they want you to actually purchase these as gifts.  What they mean, as any intelligent human male should know, is that they want you to know that they are interested in improving themselves but would prefer a gift certificate from the local home decor store.
     Anyway, back to the Yoga exercise video.  I have attempted to do the exercises in the video with very limited success.  Instead of thinking about my breathing, as they continually encourage you to do perhaps because they think it may kill you to get into some of the positions they suggest, I find myself thinking about the person that invented yoga.  They must not have had a regular job and had lots of time on their hands.  They must also have had a bit of a sadistic nature.
    One of the positions goes like this:  Put your right heel by your left hip, bring your left leg over your right leg and put your left foot to the right of your right knee.  Now put your right elbow on the left side of your left knee and put your left hand behind you on the floor.  Shift your belly to the left and turn your head to the right and gaze at your left foot which is beginning to cramp.  Remember to breath!
They say that yoga was originally invented to help you reach a state like the gods.  You are supposed to feel so good when you are done that you achieve a state of bliss like the gods.  The only religious point of contact that I have found so far is that, if I can get into the above position sometime before I die, it will be a miracle.

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  1. Welcome FL! Great to hear from you :) Thanks for posting!