This blog is for and about the Webster family. Each of us want to make choices every day that will result in optimal health and fitness. We represent different generations and different places in life - from empty-nesters to young families to students. Our health goals are as varied as we are, but we want to have a common place to post our progress and our challenges. We will be accountable to each other - to provide support, design incentives, share information we come across, and in general cheer each other on and celebrate our steps toward fitness! If anyone happens upon this blog and is inspired to be more fit and healthy that is icing on the cake. So here we go!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kathy - Spa Water

Yesterday in the lobby at work there were a couple of huge glass jars of water, a couple of lovely ladles and a sigh which read:  Spa Water - Hydrate Yourself.  The water was full of stuff.  I could figure out most of what was in it:  LOTS of cucumber slices, a few lemon wedges, some leaves of mint, and ice, there were also little diced up white things which settled on the bottom of the jars that I could not identify. Fortunately I knew who to ask and found out it was ginger!  The water was so very refreshing and delicious. What a fun and tasty way to hydrate yourself!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Brooke- C25K training and points

Well week one of c25k training is done and today was the first interval of week two. I will recap for you.

6/20 Day one Week one: (Brisk five-minute warm up walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes.) Well at first I couldn't find my podcast so I just started walking and fiddled with my phone until I found the program so I was gone 45 minutes total and went 1.64 miles. Not to bad. My legs felt like jello when I got home and my feet had been asleep most of the walk but other than that I think I did good for the first time. Googled why my feet might be falling asleep. Perhaps laces were to tight. Re laced shoes via Internet video.

6/22 Day two Week one: Same intervals as day one. I had my program all geared up and went for my walk/jog on the wii free run after the boys were in bed. 2 miles in 30 minutes! Better than day one. Feet didn't go numb at all!

6/24 Day three and last of week one training: My DH found a program called iMapMyRun where you can track your route via GPS and it calculates speed and pace and draws a map of your route so you can see where you were. I used it and my podcast at the same time! Tech savvy! Anyhow it recorded that I went 2.3miles in 36.28 minutes which was an average pace of 15:39min/mi and an average speed of 3.83mi/h. Not to shabby for the third training session. Feet still fine.

6/27 Day one Week two (fourth run): (Brisk five-minute warm up walk. Then alternate 90 seconds of jogging and two minutes of walking for a total of 20 minutes.) Went this morning at 9am.Who knew 90 seconds could feel so much longer than 60 seconds?!  2.29 miles in 36.46 minutes average pace 15:53min/mi  Average speed 3.77 mi/h. I felt tired after this training and my shins have ached all day. I think that is mostly because this training was on more of an incline than the other sessions had been and I had to run more. But feeling great! Going to go back to the flat route on Wednesday!

Still have to get the entry form into the mailbox with the fee.

So the race training is going well. Have logged another 2 hours of exercise and know for sure that I drank water 7 days and that would be 17 points.

Running total for me: 94

Where are we in this quest for 1000 points?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kathy - Photography Class

So, you ask, what does photography class have to do with fitness?  Well you see, FL is taking a photography class and one of his assignments is to take an action shot.  What this means is that this morning we climbed a hill (exercise), large and small beasts in tow (bliss).  When we found a lovely flower-strewn hillside we proceeded to capture the action shot.  This involved the Beast, myself and FL.  We formed a very large triangle with each of us at a vertex.  I had a yummy dog treat in my pocket, my mission was to call the Beast and then go charging off across the field - the beast was to chase after me and FL was to take a picture of the Beast running, using a very slow shutter speed so the background would be blurred but the Beast would be in focus (at least that is the way I understand it works).  We did this three times (are you keeping track of the amount of exercise I have achieved already?).  I was bit apprehensive that the little beasts would be in the way but my worries proved unfounded.  Chubs seems to prefer spectator sports and sat happily beside FL calmly watching the entertainment.  Charger was caught up in the action and excitement but couldn't decide which direction to go so ended up dashing aimlessly here and there and generally not bothering anything really.  All in all a successful undertaking.  We all tromped merrily home and had breakfast.  Isn't exercise fun?!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Brooke- sunshine and water

Well it has been a bit since I have posted points.
15 for water (for sure those days I recorded on my phone)
10 for exercise although I'm sure there was more I just didn't write it down :(
So that would bring my total to: 77 I believe

I am starting my c25k program tomorrow. It is a walk/ jog program. I have not put the registration in the mail for the race. I plan to put it in tomorrow. Will post to let you know for sure that I did.

Katie, yes I am planning to do the 8 miles because I am sure that  by then I will be able to do so.

The sunshine part of the title is that I have spent some of everyday this last week in the pool with Emery and Garrett. I get in and put Garrett in his floating device and push/pull him while I swim the length of the pool several times. Each time it has been about an hour in the pool but I'm not sure how much of it to record as exercise because I don't swim laps the whole time. Need to be better at recording I think.

Anyhow, wish me luck! Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Kathy - Well.....

I'm glad you asked (about KB)  Although tromping is going well and the weather has actually been nice enough to take a 30 minute walk at noon a couple of times this week, my sad confession is that I have not done a KB workout in....quite a while.  I really don't understand it either.  Actually I can understand why for the last week or so - puppy exhaustion (Brooke I can sort-of relate to your situation with 3 children).  Both FL and I just do the bare minimum of what needs to be done and flop into bed at night.  But I was starting to slack even before then - which is craziness because it is only a 12 minute workout - 15 or so with the warm up stretches.  And to top it all off, last evening my back just spontaneously decided to give me problems.  FL pointed out that if I had been doing KB regularly it probably wouldn't have happened. Deep sigh. 

So how do you guys motivate yourselves?  To do something that you really enjoy doing, that doesn't take very long, that makes you feel really good and strong when you do it regularly?  So sad, I know. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Xtreme RECAP-Also How is the kettlebelling going MOM?

Sorry guys, I know I have been slacking in the blog dept but I have been really focusing on following the diet and today is the last day of my SECOND cycle! Only three more cycles to go! So here is a recap of how the program has been going:

Carb day 6/9

This first carb day was really really hard for me. I'm supposed to eat 5 small meals of 240 cals each with a ratio of 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat. I really struggled with the planning of these meals. I have never really done the whole counting calories thing and I must say food has A LOT of calories! I had a fried egg on a whole wheat piece of bread with tomato, mushroom and spinach for breakfast. Mmm it tasted SO good after two days with real food! Then I didn't plan well for the other meals and wound up hungry, weak and irritated for the rest of the day. I got in my weight workout and interval training.

Protein Day 6/10

I think protein day is one of my favorite days of the cycle. I had three eggs scrambled with mushroom, spinach and a griller. So full and satisfied! The premise for this day is to try and get all your calories from protein. I'm supposed to eat 40 GRAMS of protein five times a day! I actually wasn't able to eat all of the protein I was supposed to because I got too full!

CHEAT Day 6/11 & 12 =(

Yay its the weekend AND my cheat day. I didn't do very well today. I ate whatever I wanted like I'm supposed to but I neglected to do my density workout. Bummer.

Sunday I woke up mentally prepared to fast. I even did the fast day workout and I even made until 2:30 before I caved and ate something. Onward and forward, won't let this set back stop me for good!

Fast Day 6/13

LONG day! Started at 4:15 driving to work from Steve's house. Ugh! I downed the water today and I felt that really helped. I got some of the work out done and by evening I was dead tired! Only THREE more fast days to go!

Shake Day 6/14

I am really enjoying my morning oatmeal honey protein shake. It tastes so good and seems to fill me up pretty good after the fast. Shake day seemed to go by fairly quickly. My muscles are seeming a little sore from back to back weight sessions.

Mod carb 6/15
I weighed myself this morning and since I started this program on the 6th, I have lost 4.4 lbs!! Hooray! My muscles feel tighter too and my stomach feels flatter.. not totally flat but moving in the right direction. =) I haven't measured myself yet but will do that soon. Loving the results so far! Family, who is with me?
I was smarter this time around and I bought those sandwich thins. If any of you decide to do this diet, I highly recommend getting some for this day! They are only 100 cals and you can make delicious sandwiches that are within the cal limit. I had dinner with a friend tonight and was delighted to find she had hummus and pita bread. So I made myself an open face hummus and veggie sandwich. Very tasty!

Protein Day (today)

I am STUFFED! I have only had my 3 egg/griller breakfast, lunch (cottage cheese, griller, veggies) and snack (same as lunch but with boca burger) and I am so full!! I have only had 3 "meals" and I'm supposed to have 5. I think I may have to make myself a protein shake a little later after I do my weight set.

Thats the other thing, it is officially crazy hot summer in the desert! Yesterday it was 103 and today its 99!!! So it makes working out at home a lot harder. I almost died yesterday trying to work out right after work. So I'm going to wait until later tonight to do it. I am also going to try waking up a bit earlier so I can do it in the cool of the morning.

So you guys are up to date. I get cheat day tomorrow! This might sound crazy but I'm actually not as excited about this cheat day as I was last week. I'm not sure if its just because its on a work day. I am planning on having thai food with a good friend tomorrow evening though so that should be AWESOME!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brooke- Running the Race

Hello family. Been a bit since I have posted. With traveling to Mom and Dad's and summer beginning (having all three boys all day long) I haven't really been on the ball with working out. I did mention to Mom and Dad that I would like to participate in a  5k. Hence the questioning if I have found a race yet. Yes, in fact I have! I have gotten so far as to print out the entry form and fill out all of it with exception of signing my name and putting it in the mail. The annual Turkey Trot (Thanksgiving morning) is a fund raiser for the food bank here in Medford. It is a choice of a 2 mile walk/run or an 8 mile run. So a bit more than a 5k but... with 20 plus weeks to train I think I can manage. So I need to get it in the mail with the entry fee. I haven't started my couch to 5k program yet. I was looking for a good app on my droid or a Christian music based one (the one I found was not great music). So suggestions are welcome for the music/interval voice over instructions if you have any. I was thinking I would do Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as my training days. Those days work well because Chad doesn't work Mondays or Fridays and Wed would just have to do it later in the day or first thing in the morning when Chad gets home so he could watch the boys for 30 mins.

So I think I will take time to weigh and measure tomorrow and then start the program on Friday... even if I have to keep searching for a training/music that I like better. I will get the entry fee and the application in the mail tomorrow so there is no turning back on training. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Katie, how is it going? Tyler, how are you doing? Curious to hear from you both. Keep tromping on Mom! Here's to a healthier us!!

Kathy - Katie! How is Xtreme Fat Loss going?

We are all eager to hear about your Xtreme Fat Loss journey Katie. Please tell us all about it!  I have read the diet manual of the program but I am so intimidated by the exercise portion that I have not even sneaked a peak.
 In a moment of weakness I did order BCAA and protein shakes. The inevitable draws closer.

An update on last evening:  I did indeed take all three beasts for a tromp.  The beast, it seems, gets into the Rav without a whimper when she is on a leash.  The tiny beasts are easily scooped up and plopped in too. We made it up the washed out road even though the sun was in our eyes.  And finally - the tromp!   

It was a lovely, beautiful, splendid, gorgeous evening.  The beasts and I walked up the hill, rested, (at least the tiny beasts and I did), and walked down the hill, while soaking in the beauty. (At least I did, the tiny beasts can't really see much of anything because of the tall grass, and the big beast seems more interested in the smell of things than the look of things).   

So add about 30 rather leisurely minutes to yesterday's exercise minutes. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kathy - Brooke! Have you found a race?

Hi Brooke!  Just checking up to see how you are doing with finding a race to train for.  Any luck yet? 

I am having a rather lazy evening - the little beasties woke us up at 1:30 am this morning. That, not too long after the 24 hour marathon of getting them home, has me a bit exhausted.  FL is at a meeting tonight so my mission is to single-handedly load the big and little beasts into the back of the Rav for a tromp.  I am determined to do it - so off I go.  Enough napping on the couch! 

Exercise so far today:
1:30 am:  Hauling little black beast out to the yard and back to kennel.
11:30 am:  Walking 2 miles during lunch break.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tyler - Week Four and Five Results

Hi ya'll, sorry about the slight lag in the updates. It's usually pretty crazy towards the end of a quarter and this quarter has been no exception. There are final projects to complete, tests to study for and clinic hours to bank for the China trip. The last is where a lot of my time has been going lately. I've been working triples on Tuesdays, which means I'm at the clinic for twelve and a half hours. It's a long day, but if I keep it up I can have all of my hours banked for China before classes start summer quarter.

I apparently jumped the gun a bit in my last post declaring myself past my usual plateau. I didn't lose any weight during week four and only one pound in week five. For those of you keeping score, that puts me at eleven pounds total. Since I'm not seeing quite as rapid weight loss as I would like, I'm adjusting the program a bit to make it more sustainable. I'm eating a slow-carb breakfast and lunch since those are the meals that Sophie and I usually eat apart anyway. Dinners will be normal, which will make planning meals MUCH easier. This week is finals week, though I'm really done with pretty much everything by Wednesday. After that I have a week off to focus on myself (and pack up more of the apartment), then two weeks of clinic but no classes, then we're into summer quarter. It's getting close guys. It's been a long, strange trip but the finish line is definitely in sight. Keep posting about the XTREEEME FAT LOSS system you're doing. It sounds interesting.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kathy - Hey Tyler! How is the slow-carb plan going?!

Tyler, I am curious about how the slow-carb plan is going?  How long are you going to do it?  Does it get boring?  Am eager to hear!

The Brooke and Chad portion of the family left this morning.  We got in a tromp before the beasties arrived and one after.  Surprisingly the fatty beastie kept up quite well.  The beastette is intrepid - she goes pretty much wherever she wants to, has even jumped out of the Rav! 

Am finally getting around to planting the garden - so far have planted lots of greens and carrots.  Still need to plant parsnips, beans, peas and tomatoes - don't know if I room for corn - may have to expand the greenhouse next year. Am looking forward to fresh veggies! 

Hope you all have a fun and fit week!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Katie-First Shake Day

I started the morning out with an oatmeal honey protein shake and did it ever taste good!! I was surprised to find that it kept me satisfied until around 10:30 am which is when I usually get hungry even when I have a real breakfast. I had a mid-morning fruit/protein shake and then another one for lunch. In the afternoon, I switched it up and had a peanut butter/protein shake-tastes better than it sounds. The workout was a little brutal. It ended with 200 JUMPING JACKS.. at around 130 I felt like I may lose my shakes.. Ugh.
Tomorrow is "moderate carb" day. I am excited to be able to chew food again after two days! Wahoo!!

Kathy - I can relate!

Hi guys,  I certainly can relate to Katie's comments about not blogging because she was not seeing any results. I have slacked off on keeping track of my points - mainly because I don't want to amass enough points to go to a spa and still be wearing my same old body.  I want to look fit and trim when I go to the spa!

I have lost about 3 lbs since beginning this new challenge, which is slightly encouraging, but nothing to write home about (or perhaps, nothing to blog about!).

Maybe we should call each other out if we don't see us on the blog...something like:  "Hey Brooke!  What is going on with you?"  and Brooke could reply,  "Nothing.  I haven't been blogging because I have been so discouraged, busy, mad, lazy"  (you get the idea) or maybe, "I am doing great!  Haven't been blogging much because I am just too busy working out and cooking yummy low-calorie food, and training for a marathon, I haven't had a moment to sit down at the computer".  And the Katie could respond, "Don't get discouraged - remember this journey is a step at a time - don't give up!  I love you and you are worth it!"  or she could respond, "Wow!  That sounds awesome!  You have just inspired me to get my fitness plan ramped up - I don't want to get behind!"  Or Mom could blog,  "Hey all, just tried the most delicious, healthy recipe - here it is for you"  and you all could respond,  "Thanks so much Mom, we'll try it tomorrow!".  Anyway - I am going to try this in some form - so get ready!

In other news - the beasties arrive tomorrow!  While I am so excited at the thought of puppies, I am worried that their arrival will alter the tromp.  I actually think panicked is a more correct description.  They won't be able to go as far or as fast - or worse, maybe they will all wear each other out and none of them will want to go for a tromp.  And I will grow fat and lazy.  I am breaking out in a cold sweat.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Katie-Not for the faint of heart!!

Hello Fam~
It has been awhile for all us but especially me. I hadn't been posting mainly because I wasn't seeing any results or progress and wasn't feeling very motivated. So mom challenged me to do the 25 day Xtreme Fat Loss program. It started out yesterday with a "cheat" day. Sweet! Eat whatever I want all day and complete what is known as a "density" workout.. mainly lifting weights in various directions and ways. Not too shabby at all. Great diet so far!
Today was another story.... Fast day! Bascially lots of water supplemented with BCAA (branch chain amino acid pills) LONG day! Woke up hungry like I usually do and stayed that way for most of the morning. My poor patients had to listen to my stomach growling in their ears today! Today did a different sort of weight lifting workout and then a high intensity interval training for 20 min and 30 min of moderate cardio. After work I was DRAGGING and did NOT feel like going to the gym to do my cardio and interval training but I did and surprisingly gained some energy. I added a little crystal light to my water after I got home and let me tell you, those 5 little calories helped a ton!!
So I survived my first Fast Day and I have to say I am pretty proud of myself! Tomorrow is shake day. Will let you know how it goes!