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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Brooke- Day 3 and 4

Yogalates tonight. I feel stronger already! Not a cardio workout at all but definitely can feel my muscles working.  Did get in my water today and ate OK but not great.

Yesterday afternoon my dearest stole me away for the evening/night and took me up the mountain to Callahan's Lodge. Early celebration of our 10 year wedding anniversary (the January 19 one)! So sweet. Before we headed up the mountain we stopped in Ashland and walked the main shopping area and perused the fun shops. I count that walking because it was about 45 mins and we walked up hill and down. It was lovely! I know I didn't get all my water in yesterday. Eating wasn't bad but not top notch health wise.

I'm still having to force myself to exercise but I know that it makes me feel better and so I press on.

Another happy note, I am about 1/2 an inch away from fitting into the next size down in pants!! So fun to put clothes in the "I can't wear pile" because they are to big!! Love it!! Don't know about weight loss but the inches are really melting off.

Happy day 5 to all of you!

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  1. Good job Brooke!! Keep on keeping on! I know exactly what you mean about exercise. I am that way about walking the beast as well. Before I head out I rarely feel like it and always have the urge to just stay inside instead. Once I get going I love it! It is gradually getting easier and easier to ignore the lazy urge. I think today (day 5) might be a bit of a challenge - sounds like it is pouring rain. With the kettlebell challenge - it really helps me to have a mandate - 21 days in a row no exceptions. It also helps to have our family challenge.
    Chad is a great guy! So glad he takes such good care of my daughter!