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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Brooke- Day 5

Thanks for that post Mom! I like "Physical fitness is not a race, it is a pursuit.  There is no finish line to look for, but a new starting line to cross everyday.  The only real 'goal' is to never finish." Awesome!!

Zumba tonight. I think this is my favorite of all the DVDs I have, it is the only one I wish was longer. Got in my water and ate fairly healthy today.

I'm starting to think I have the exercise thing down. It's a habit now. I think this challenge is showing me that food is my next hurdle. I know about eating right but it's really hard when you are down to nothing in the way of groceries and all of the fruit and veggies are used up until pay day. I was handed a really healthy "no preservatives" diet from a friend. She lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks eating this way! It's very healthy and balanced. It is a lot like how Dr. Oz  recommends. I may or may not do it as it seems like it would be way more expensive to purchase the amount of fresh things. Also with the boys (all four) it's hard to change every one's eating. I'm going to just have to window shop and see what the price is to shop that way.

Not losing anything but I'm sure it's my eating. So that will be what I focus on now.

Keep striving for starts over everyday!

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  1. Mom here, I don't think you can change the way your family eats all at once. You can make healthy choices for yourself - and make gradual changes for them. Find things that are healthy that they really like and make a collection of those recipes. I will think about this too and see what ideas I can come up with for you. Jeff Novick, RD is on Facebook - he posted some quick, easy recipes awhile back that sound pretty good. When you do make modifications to the way you eat make sure it is something you can incorporate in to your life for good - not something that is temporary like a special diet. Love you!!