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Monday, February 28, 2011

Brooke- just dessert

Hello Family. I have been having the hardest time keeping to the exercise! And my food strategies are flying out the window! Having house guests for a month now has had devistating results on my exercise devotion!
Exercise has been off and on. For sure not getting in the 6 times a week! Chad's brother and his wife and their two children are living here with us until they find jobs and a place to rent. So my regular routine of getting the boys to bed and then exercising has been inturrupted several nights because Eric and Joy want to talk or sit in the hot tub. I have resisted a few times and exercised. Tonight they went out to the RV and all I really wanted to do was just put on my pj's and crawl into bed.  I decided to read the blog and post and get inspired to work out. I am in my workout clothes and may make it back out to the tv to exercise...

 The past week was crazy with two birthday parties and guests over that of course brought dessert to share. Chocolate molten lava cake for my sister in law's birthday, Black berry cobbler with friends Friday night (ala mode of course), and Garrett's birthday cake Sabbath after church. I have been eating these delicious treats all week!! Not helping on the weight loss!! Haven't gained a ton but I know that if I don't stop and get back to work on my health it is only going to get me in trouble.

Off to burn some dessert calories!

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  1. Brooke, it does sound like a difficult situation for keeping to a regular fitness schedule- but you know life is like that! I wonder how other people do it - when company and special occasions come around? Could you fit your exercise in another time of day for while they are there? I think we all need to find ways to make room for exercise and to maintain a healthy balance of eating no matter what happens.. I would be interested in hearing what strategies some of the rest of you can think of.