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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kathy- Tromping again

After a brief break from tromping due to the ski trip, we are back at it.  The hill is sporting a new white coat about 6 inches thick, which turns a mere tromp into an impressive workout.

I must take a moment to let you all know how much I love my boots.  After owning the same pair of boots for years (bought them early on in Bozeman) I finally got a new pair last year or so.  We were at Cabelas, I knew my price range and was shopping accordingly.  The kind, helpful boot salesman gave me a knowing look and suggested I try on Merrills.(Completely ignoring the price range I was looking in). I tried one on, then the other - bliss!  They were the most comfortable hiking boots I had ever had on my feet and they still are. (So much for keeping in my price range!).  They keep my feet wonderfully warm and dry no matter what I might be slogging through.  After hearing me rave on and on about them for miles, FL bought himself a pair and was justifiably impressed.  He tested them by doing 20+ miles in a day and got nary a blister. So, would my love affair with the outdoors be possible without my feet being so happy?  I seriously doubt it. My advice:  get good equipment - it's worth the investment!

Onward and forward!  Keep up all that good exercising!
My time today:  60 minutes give or take about 5 minutes.

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