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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sophie - Giving up milk

So this Monday I gave up on all forms of cow's milk. I have been attempting to do this for years now and that is why Tyler and I cook mostly vegan. However I have never definitively said, "From this day forward I will not consume anymore milk products." I did this on Monday.

Let me explain my reasons for doing this: a. I am lactose intolerant, and have been for many years. b. I have an allergy to the protein and cow's milk, and beef. So not only does the consumption of dairy (cow's milk and it's derivatives) affect my digestion, it also affects my ability to breathe and complexion.

For the last couple of years I have limited my dairy consumption but have a very difficult time in giving it up completely, mostly because I LOVE cheese. To make things more difficult my work provides free snacks and most of them contain some sort of dairy. They also periodically provide chocolate candy, which is very hard to resist. This has just made things more difficult to give up the dairy.

Now, I am not making a big fuss over the whole thing. For example, if I go out and order something I believe is non-dairy and it ends up having some milk in it I will not return it. But I do need to take a stronger stand against ordering things with cheese or milk products.

I foresee the most difficult times to keep this promise to myself is going to be at church potluck. We all know how Adventists tend to cook. It will also be difficult when going out to eat. I have, so far, resisted temptation at work with the snacks, even though they had one of my favorite chips Cheddar Ruffles, and that makes me proud of myself.


  1. Soph!
    Proud of you for giving up dairy. You are far stronger than me.. I don;t think I could give up cheese. It'll be fun to see what kind of recipes and changes in diet you come up with.

  2. Good for you!! Just remind yourself when it gets hard how much better you will feel for not eating the dairy. I'm with Kate I'm not sure I could give it up alone, but I know if it made me or one of my boys ill I would give it up. Mom probably has oodles of receipes without dairy. She's a great source of nutritional knowledge.

  3. Good to hear from you Sophie! Great that you have made a choice that will have a positive effect on your health. The longer you don't eat cheese at all the less tasty and desirable it seems. Dad and I can hardly stand pizza with lots of cheese on it. When I do make pizza, I just use it very lightly - or I use Daiya, which is a very good substitute. Have fun with all the yummy, healthy food that is available without dairy products!

  4. PS: I have also heard it rumored that shredded, frozen hashbrowns make a downright tasty substitute for cheese on pizza!