This blog is for and about the Webster family. Each of us want to make choices every day that will result in optimal health and fitness. We represent different generations and different places in life - from empty-nesters to young families to students. Our health goals are as varied as we are, but we want to have a common place to post our progress and our challenges. We will be accountable to each other - to provide support, design incentives, share information we come across, and in general cheer each other on and celebrate our steps toward fitness! If anyone happens upon this blog and is inspired to be more fit and healthy that is icing on the cake. So here we go!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Kathy - Girl Challenge

I have been thinking about a concurrent, longer challenge-type thing for the women of the family.  Along with whatever 30-day challenge we may be having, how would the Webster woman like to do another challenge on the side.  My idea is to have us all work toward accruing points.  The total number of points would be large, 1,000 or something like that.  We would have a list of things we could earn a certain number of points for, such as 25 points for losing 5 lbs, 10 points for doing a fruit fast (having nothing but fruit and fruit juice for 3 consecutive meals), 5 points for doing a specified amount of exercise....don't want to make it too complicated, but perhaps together we could up with a short list.  When the grand total is reached we would have a girl's weekend away, or a spa day...what do you think?  I am open for ideas for the point-earning activities, what the total should be, what sounds good for a prize, etc.  Anything to make fitness just a little more fun!

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