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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kathy - Metamorphosis

I found myself resisting even the thought of a tromp this evening.  It is a raw, cold, drizzly day.  Without giving myself the chance to argue I changed clothes immediately after work and the beast and I headed up the hill.  I wore: 
1) a turtleneck
2)  a fleece shirt
3) jeans
4)  warm, fuzzy socks
5) a ski jacket
6) a ski hat
7) ski mittens
8) Merrill boots

My theory is that is it better to wear too much!  Feeling miserably cold, I zipped up my jacket all the way to neck and trudged into the junk weather..  As I warmed up, however, things took on a different light.  The clouds hung cozily over the mountains, the rain softly pattered to the greening earth.  Snug in my cocoon of clothing I tromped into the dawning of spring. 

The beast is such a companionable sort on a tromp.  Whether she is gallomping across the field or snuffling some intriguing scent on the ground, she frequently checks to see where I am, sometimes shambling by my side for a short ways before going off to explore.  She graciously waits for me if she gets too far ahead and smiles up at me with friendly brown eyes.  Guess I can forgive the muddy paws that tromping this time of year creates. 

45 minutes of tromping time.  30 minutes at lunch, will probably round things off with a 15-minute KB workout.

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  1. Warm is good! Glad you have a happy companion to share in your journey.