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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kathy - The Battle for Your Body

A friend shared this article with me - very interesting stuff.  I will break it down a bit and post it in segments.

"The battle goes on whether you're awake or asleep, on the couch or on the treadmill.  On one side, the good guy: Muscle. Muscle is like the doorman at your own personal nightclub.  It's his job to make you look good, and keep out the riffraff.  The riffraff, in this case, is a man called Fat.  Fat hates Muscle, and the feeling is mutual.  Fat wants to fill your nightclub with all his fat, lazy friends.  Fat also wants to run Muscle out of town.  you know which side you're rooting for:  Muscle burns fat for energy, which is why building and maintaining muscle  is the key to losing flab and sculpting a lean, toned body.  Muscle boosts metabolism, helping you burn calories day and night.  Muscle helps protect you from heart disease, back pain, arthritis, and depression.  Help Muscle win the war against Fat, and you'll triumph over much more than your waistline.  the key:  firing up your metabolism.  just what is metabolism?  Simply put, it's all the various chemical reactions that happen inside your body 24-7 to keep you alive.  Think of your metabolism as your caloric bouncer, ready to throw Fat out of Club You.  Your metabolism isn't an instant makeover machine, but you can order it to keep an eye out for big fat party crashers and throw them back onto the street.  Learn these surprising truths, and you'll help Muscle conquer its flabby nemesis- once and for all."

There are three surprising truths - coming soon to a blog near you.

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