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Monday, April 11, 2011

Brooke- Flavored water and points

My point total is 17! One for each of the 7 days that I drank the required water. Ten for the two hours of workouts! 25 minute Shred times 4 and one hour hauling rocks and stacking them to make our new fountain! Trust me it may not have been a DVD or video but it sure was a workout! So 10 points for working out.

Mom wanted to know about flavored water. The cucumber was great. Lemon is good. The mint extract was NOT GOOD! It was oil based, so greasy, pungent, and left a scummy feeling on my tongue. I have read about adding a handful of berries and a few slices of lime to a pitcher of water and just keeping it in the fridge and just refilling the pitcher with water. It said that you could do this for a week and then just wash the pitcher and repeat. I haven't tried it as there isn't much room in my tiny fridge for another pitcher but I might. Other suggestions were grapefruit slices, orange slices, fresh mint, and lavender blossoms. You really could use anything fresh that you might like the taste of. I think fresh basil might make a lovely flavor.

I think if you are going to try it just use fresh herbs or fruit (fresh or frozen) Do Not Use extracts!


  1. Great job on the points!! Where is are you building the fountain? Also, really good to know about the extract! The fresh fruits, veggies and herbs all sounded like fun ideas.

  2. We built the fountian by the front door. It looks great! will have to take a picture and post it.

  3. I would love to see a picture of it! You guys need to come and help me build one (and a hobbit house and a cob oven)....