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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kathy - Aborting Mission!

This week's experiment has been a huge failure!  I have been working out copious amounts, but the pounds keep creeping on.  The reason - in addition to shifting calories, as in eating breakfast and lunch but no dinner, I have added more food to breakfast and lunch to keep from being hungry in the evenings.  In a way this has worked - I haven't been hungry at all in the evenings.  But have I lost weight doing this?  NO!  Have I gained weight doing this?  sputter, sputter, sputter.....

I am determined to lose 9-10 pounds if I have to starve to do it (easier said than done).  I guess I will cut down on the early-day intake and try, try again.  Will keep you posted. 

Thought for the day:  When clothes shopping, how much fun would it be to try clothes on a fit, trim body?!  (Hold that thought when dessert beckons....)

So excited about a new idea!  Stay tuned!

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  1. What a bummer! Rather frustrating when you try something that has worked before and it doesn't. I can understand! Guess we just have to keep trying until we make something work. Fit trim body would be awesome...much easier thought than done :)