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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kathy - Close Encounter

Over the past few months the nightly 'tromp' has taken on new heights.  The original tromp went up the hill to the far edge of the field, then it extended further up the hill and along the fence for a while, and recently we have crossed the fence and gone on up to the top of the hill.  From the top we get a full view of the valley and mountain range and it truly is spectacular.  There has been a recent development, however, which has made me reluctant to cross the fence - cows.  Cows have been moved in to that pasture, and while I don't fear them, I am not too keen on having the beast chase them.  Last evening, when it was sunny, they were peacefully spread out across the pasture enjoying the new grass.  This evening was snowy and windy and they were bunched into unhappy groups of miserable looking animals.  Cows are not silent sufferers.  Anyway, to compensate for the shortened tromp, I have been taking a longer way home. This involves following the fence line further rather than crossing it - this takes me down and up a couple of hills, then I strike off across the field and head home.  Last evening I was following the fence line and watching for hidden holes when I looked up to see a deer quite close.  It didn't move and I soon discovered the reason - it was caught helplessly in the fence.  The beast noticed it about the same time I did and eagerly went to investigate.  The sight of a black, hairy monster approaching caused the deer to suddenly develop a brain and it discovered that it actually could figure out how to get out of the fence.  The beast gave it a merry chase but soon realized that the deer was much fleeter of foot and gave up.  A few exciting moments were shared by all.  All this fun plus 5 points - does life get any better?!

Hope the exercising, water drinking and weight losing is going well!  Wonder how awesome our next family group photo will look...

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