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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kathy - Healthy Rest

I have been thinking a lot about rest lately - mainly because I haven't been getting very much!  The beast has trained us into letting her out every couple of hours at night and now we are in the process of training her that she can get by just fine without those midnight stretches.  I found this rather interesting information about rest:

"Proper rest is important if you want to avoid diabetes.  Dr. Spiegel of the University of Chicago found that healthy young men had 40 percent lower blood sugar uptake by their tissues when they got only four hours of sleep for six consecutive nights that when they had six nights of adequate rest.  Further, insulin released from the pancreas was 30 percent lower after sleep deprivation that after nearly a week of adequate rest.  And the ability of blood sugar to enter the body cells without help from insulin dropped 30 percent, to a level seen in type 2 diabetes.  In short, sleep deprivation left healthy young men with an ability to handle blood sugar comparable to that of an elderly person with a mild form of diabetes."

More about how very good getting enough rest is for you coming soon, but for now I am off to bed.....good night family!

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