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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kathy - FL Injury

Hi Family,  Sad news about FL.  He tore something in the bottom of his foot today at school.  Currently his foot is wrapped, iced and elevated.  The beast and I had to tromp without him this evening.  Hopefully he will heal quickly and be back on his feet soon.

Meanwhile...I was going to share some more about how wonderful rest is for you, but will interrupt that message for this info I thought was interesting about exercise:

"Consider these important benefits of exercise.  Dr. Frank Hu and colleagues at the Harvard School of Public Health discovered that women with diabetes who exercise have a lower risk of heart attack.  In fact, in his study, the risk was 44 percent lower for those who were most active compared with those who exercised least!  The same study showed a 26 percent lower risk of type 2 diabetes and a 40 percent lower risk of stroke for those who were the most active compared to those who were least active.  Women walking about three-and-a-half  miles per hour had half the risk of stroke compared to those walking less that two miles per hour.

According to the World Health Organization, sixty minutes a day of exercise is about the duration required for weight control.  If you are unable to exercise for a total of about an hour per day, gradually work toward this goal."

Sounds like I need to up the amount of time per day I exercise!  The weather should soon be getting warm enough to walk at lunchtime, that plus the tromp, plus the KB workout should put me in good shape time-wise....will work on this next week.  

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  1. Blech! An hour of working out?? Not feeling that... I like my 20 mins and I'm done. Guess I need to work on it as well. - Brooke