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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kathy - Good Thoughts

Hi Family,.  Have been checking out good stuff for us to read while on our fitness journey.  Here is a short article by Jesse McFarland that contains some valuable notions.  I think I need to work on mixing it up a little bit with my workouts....any suggestions on doing that?

Jesse McFarland says:

You get up and go to work, you listen to talk-radio when stuck in traffic, you brush your teeth before going to bed…these are all examples of a “course of normative, standardized actions or procedures that are followed regularly, and often repetitiously,” known as a routine. 
So, does it make sense to call exercise part of a routine?  Yes it does.  Exercise should absolutely be part of your time management schedule.  If scheduled on certain days and times, one’s consistency greatly improves.
Yet, I do have a problem with labeling exercise as a “routine” or “workout-routine.”
First, if you are new to exercise and label it as a routine, you might compare it to other daily habits.  An often and typical result from this is boredom.  Boredom can take over like a virus and usually kills exercise-consistency especially for newbies.  Tell your mindset that exercise should be done consistently but separate from daily tasks.  To do this, try to involve “change.” 
When it comes to exercise, fitness professionals usually agree upon the importance of “change.”  Too often I see people doing the exact same exercises, at a similar time and day, year round, and for multiple years without experiencing any physical progression.  Sorry ladies, but I’m calling you out…30 minutes on the elliptical everyday doesn’t get you very far.  You may notice that it’s been a long time since you’ve broken a sweat.  Guys,,,get off the bench press….seriously, you’ve gone straight to the bench press every time you’ve walked into a gym for your whole training life.  Keep in mind that your body physically adapts to whatever you do.  Therefore, without “change” one cannot progress. 

Change doesn’t need to occur for every workout.  If you do the same workout consistently, your body will adapt somewhere between 4 and 12 weeks.  Personally, I change my client’s routine every 4 weeks.  This is enough to experience and witness progression and stay free from boredom.
In conclusion, a workout should be scheduled consistently.  However, the workout itself should NOT always be considered a “routine.”  

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