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Monday, March 21, 2011

Brooke- New Beginnings

Hello Family! I must say that it has been a few weeks at least since I worked out. I know "boo hiss" but on a happier note I did workout tonight! Chad and I were talking and he mentioned that I was nicer and seemed less stressed when I was working out regularly. Of course that was before the house guest invasion. I do agree with him and so am going to get back to it. Tonight I did the Zumba DVD. It's fun and I really do need to invest in a longer version.

Other good news is that although I have been lacking in the physical department, I have not gained weight! Who hoo!! I haven't lost weight either but that's OK too! So there is my progress report.

As of tonight I am back on the wagon, so to say. Hope each of you is still on the wagon or getting ready to jump back on. Curious to see what the new challenge might be.

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  1. Yay - Hooray!!! Glad you made it over that serious road block and did Zumba again! It's also encouraging that you didn't gain any weight back. Do they make longer versions of Zumba? FL and I still take the beast tromping every day, yoga has sort of fallen by the wayside, we need to get in a regular routine of doing it. I do KB 3-4 times a week...last week only once since I was gone part of the time. I think the important thing is, even though circumstances my knock us out for a bit, to get back to it. The hardest thing for me is being tired...when the beast doesn't sleep well, nobody sleeps well, and it is really hard to motivate myself when I am exhausted. Anyway! Keep up the good work!! Love you!