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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Xtreme RECAP-Also How is the kettlebelling going MOM?

Sorry guys, I know I have been slacking in the blog dept but I have been really focusing on following the diet and today is the last day of my SECOND cycle! Only three more cycles to go! So here is a recap of how the program has been going:

Carb day 6/9

This first carb day was really really hard for me. I'm supposed to eat 5 small meals of 240 cals each with a ratio of 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat. I really struggled with the planning of these meals. I have never really done the whole counting calories thing and I must say food has A LOT of calories! I had a fried egg on a whole wheat piece of bread with tomato, mushroom and spinach for breakfast. Mmm it tasted SO good after two days with real food! Then I didn't plan well for the other meals and wound up hungry, weak and irritated for the rest of the day. I got in my weight workout and interval training.

Protein Day 6/10

I think protein day is one of my favorite days of the cycle. I had three eggs scrambled with mushroom, spinach and a griller. So full and satisfied! The premise for this day is to try and get all your calories from protein. I'm supposed to eat 40 GRAMS of protein five times a day! I actually wasn't able to eat all of the protein I was supposed to because I got too full!

CHEAT Day 6/11 & 12 =(

Yay its the weekend AND my cheat day. I didn't do very well today. I ate whatever I wanted like I'm supposed to but I neglected to do my density workout. Bummer.

Sunday I woke up mentally prepared to fast. I even did the fast day workout and I even made until 2:30 before I caved and ate something. Onward and forward, won't let this set back stop me for good!

Fast Day 6/13

LONG day! Started at 4:15 driving to work from Steve's house. Ugh! I downed the water today and I felt that really helped. I got some of the work out done and by evening I was dead tired! Only THREE more fast days to go!

Shake Day 6/14

I am really enjoying my morning oatmeal honey protein shake. It tastes so good and seems to fill me up pretty good after the fast. Shake day seemed to go by fairly quickly. My muscles are seeming a little sore from back to back weight sessions.

Mod carb 6/15
I weighed myself this morning and since I started this program on the 6th, I have lost 4.4 lbs!! Hooray! My muscles feel tighter too and my stomach feels flatter.. not totally flat but moving in the right direction. =) I haven't measured myself yet but will do that soon. Loving the results so far! Family, who is with me?
I was smarter this time around and I bought those sandwich thins. If any of you decide to do this diet, I highly recommend getting some for this day! They are only 100 cals and you can make delicious sandwiches that are within the cal limit. I had dinner with a friend tonight and was delighted to find she had hummus and pita bread. So I made myself an open face hummus and veggie sandwich. Very tasty!

Protein Day (today)

I am STUFFED! I have only had my 3 egg/griller breakfast, lunch (cottage cheese, griller, veggies) and snack (same as lunch but with boca burger) and I am so full!! I have only had 3 "meals" and I'm supposed to have 5. I think I may have to make myself a protein shake a little later after I do my weight set.

Thats the other thing, it is officially crazy hot summer in the desert! Yesterday it was 103 and today its 99!!! So it makes working out at home a lot harder. I almost died yesterday trying to work out right after work. So I'm going to wait until later tonight to do it. I am also going to try waking up a bit earlier so I can do it in the cool of the morning.

So you guys are up to date. I get cheat day tomorrow! This might sound crazy but I'm actually not as excited about this cheat day as I was last week. I'm not sure if its just because its on a work day. I am planning on having thai food with a good friend tomorrow evening though so that should be AWESOME!!

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  1. Katie, I am so impressed with how you have figured this thing out and stuck with it! Thanks so much for sharing - it is very interesting and motivating. The fast days are a bit scary to me - I was in a minor car accident once when I fasted, and decided that food is quite important. But maybe with a bit of Crystal Light I can make it. (Mom).