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Friday, June 17, 2011

Kathy - Well.....

I'm glad you asked (about KB)  Although tromping is going well and the weather has actually been nice enough to take a 30 minute walk at noon a couple of times this week, my sad confession is that I have not done a KB workout in....quite a while.  I really don't understand it either.  Actually I can understand why for the last week or so - puppy exhaustion (Brooke I can sort-of relate to your situation with 3 children).  Both FL and I just do the bare minimum of what needs to be done and flop into bed at night.  But I was starting to slack even before then - which is craziness because it is only a 12 minute workout - 15 or so with the warm up stretches.  And to top it all off, last evening my back just spontaneously decided to give me problems.  FL pointed out that if I had been doing KB regularly it probably wouldn't have happened. Deep sigh. 

So how do you guys motivate yourselves?  To do something that you really enjoy doing, that doesn't take very long, that makes you feel really good and strong when you do it regularly?  So sad, I know. 

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  1. Well as far as motivation goes...not a clue. I just know that when I fight with myself and make myself do it I feel better all the time. The flip side is that when I don't I feel tired and cranky and like a big pile o' pooh. So I guess it's just a constant battle with your own will to keep at it.