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Monday, June 27, 2011

Brooke- C25K training and points

Well week one of c25k training is done and today was the first interval of week two. I will recap for you.

6/20 Day one Week one: (Brisk five-minute warm up walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes.) Well at first I couldn't find my podcast so I just started walking and fiddled with my phone until I found the program so I was gone 45 minutes total and went 1.64 miles. Not to bad. My legs felt like jello when I got home and my feet had been asleep most of the walk but other than that I think I did good for the first time. Googled why my feet might be falling asleep. Perhaps laces were to tight. Re laced shoes via Internet video.

6/22 Day two Week one: Same intervals as day one. I had my program all geared up and went for my walk/jog on the wii free run after the boys were in bed. 2 miles in 30 minutes! Better than day one. Feet didn't go numb at all!

6/24 Day three and last of week one training: My DH found a program called iMapMyRun where you can track your route via GPS and it calculates speed and pace and draws a map of your route so you can see where you were. I used it and my podcast at the same time! Tech savvy! Anyhow it recorded that I went 2.3miles in 36.28 minutes which was an average pace of 15:39min/mi and an average speed of 3.83mi/h. Not to shabby for the third training session. Feet still fine.

6/27 Day one Week two (fourth run): (Brisk five-minute warm up walk. Then alternate 90 seconds of jogging and two minutes of walking for a total of 20 minutes.) Went this morning at 9am.Who knew 90 seconds could feel so much longer than 60 seconds?!  2.29 miles in 36.46 minutes average pace 15:53min/mi  Average speed 3.77 mi/h. I felt tired after this training and my shins have ached all day. I think that is mostly because this training was on more of an incline than the other sessions had been and I had to run more. But feeling great! Going to go back to the flat route on Wednesday!

Still have to get the entry form into the mailbox with the fee.

So the race training is going well. Have logged another 2 hours of exercise and know for sure that I drank water 7 days and that would be 17 points.

Running total for me: 94

Where are we in this quest for 1000 points?


  1. So so proud of you! Sounds like you are doing awesome! Hmm perhaps the fam should have thanksgiving at your house and I'll run it with you =) Today was my last day of that crazy diet. Will blog about it later.

    Keep up the good work! Isn't it nice feeling your endurance building?

  2. So exciting Brooke!! I have been seeing your updates on FB - so glad to get the whole story! That IMapMyRun thing is very cool. I am SO impressed!! Love you! Mom