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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kathy - Just Right!

I have returned from visiting the Katie sector of the family - we had plenty of relaxing time, but we also got in a 1-mile park walk and a 3 mile hike to an oasis.  The highlight of the hike was seeing a desert tortoise! 

On the trip back I purchased a 20 lb kettlebell and took it for a test run this evening.  Loved it!  The 15 lb was getting just too easy and the 25 lb was a challenge to swing.  The 20 lb felt like a work out, but I was able to do the entire routine with it.  Lauren Brooks, the KB instructor on my DVD has a blog on her website, "On the Edge Fitness".  There is a great story posted by one her long-distance clients complete with before and after photos.  It was very inspiring!  I would love to visit Lauren Brooks' fitness center and work out with her!

On the tromp front, I think I have warm weather phobia.  We have had such a bitterly cold spring that I cannot wrap my mind around the concept of warm weather.  When the Beast and I started out this evening the wind was blowing so I put a fleece jacket on over my shirt and wore another jacket (not my ski jacket fortunately) over that.  I soon discovered that there is a big difference between a cold wind and a not-so-cold wind.  Had to shuck the jacket then rolled up the sleeves of the fleece jacket, and sweated my way through the tromp.  Loved the sunshine!  The mountains were spectacular!  The Beast was happy to have me back - at least she smiled at me a lot.  Must admit that I slowed down and enjoyed the experience a bit this evening. 

I have been lazy about posting our combined total points - anyone want to take a guess before I do?

Don't give up - it is so worth it to feel strong and healthy!  (Jean shopping turned out to be a positive experience too...!)

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  1. Yay for positive jean shopping! Glad you did the KB workout!