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Monday, August 15, 2011

Kathy - A Grim and Macabre Game

I am discovering that though the new tromping grounds may seem like a civilized stroll it hides within its heart the dark (and tasty) remains of death.  This is how the current tromp has developed.  FL, myself and the beasts all make a mad dash down the road for the safety of the fenced field down a ways on the other side of the road. At least all of us but Chubs, who sort-of lumbers quickly along.  Once we reach the field, FL and I stay close to the perimeter to get the maximum amount of tromping in - Chubs usually stays with us.  The Beast and Charger head into the middle of the field and snuffle and circle around looking for dead stuff.  They never fail to find it.  Thus the game begins.  The Beast usually finds the choicest selection of nastiness, which is irresistible to Charger.  The Beast brings her delicate find closer to where we are tromping.  This causes Chubs to be aware of the treat and thus desire it as well.  With Charger and Chubs both after the prize, the Beast dashes ahead so she can lie down and have a few undisturbed moments savoring her find.  Charger, who is in hot pursuit doesn't allow her much time so the Beast dashes off again, Charger at her heels.  Chubs, bringing up the rear, sniffs the area where the treat briefly rested on the ground.  This pattern continues until they are all distracted by the delights of the irrigation ditch, where they take long drinks and hopefully wash away all remains of remains. The fitness benefit of all this is I have no desire to eat anything the rest of the evening - how is that for creative appetite control?!

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  1. Oh Mom! That is just to funny! I guess that is a great way to keep yourself from eating. Keep up the good work!