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Monday, August 15, 2011

Kathy - A Gentler, More Civilized (slightly) Tromp

My favorite form of fitness, the daily tromp with the beasts, has undergone some changes this summer.  First we could not take off up the hill behind our house because of the wheat planted near the top of it, so we had to drive to a field on the very top of the hill.  When the cheat grass in that field became lethal to the beasts we had to shift yet again.  For a time the main form of exercise for the beasts was swimming, not much exercise for us unfortunately.  Recently a field near us has been emptied of cows and provides a perfect place for the daily tromp.  This field is almost right across the road from us has a small stream (irrigation ditch) running along the side of it and tromping the circumference of it is a mile. The thing I like most about it is that we do not have to load the beasts into a vehicle, the thing I like least about it is that it is completely flat, so it is not quite the exercise the other tromps have provided.  Still, it is much better than nothing!

The beasts adore it - at least the Beast and Charger do.  Chubs likes it just fine once you force him away from the comfort of the yard.  They love dipping in and out of the small stream and there are enticing carcasses to be found, from tiny, crunchy, carcasses (guessing bird or rodent) to deer carcasses.  Charger lugged an entire deer leg for a ways before she had to drop it because it was just too huge.  Chubs scored a scapula, which he also abandoned, mostly due to his overwhelming urge to avoid extra exertion at any price.  To balance things out a bit the sky this evening was absolutely stunning!  Because of  the western hill behind our house  we generally miss out on sunsets, but this sunset was so spectacular it spilled over into our portion of the sky.  The undersides of the clouds covering the sky were brilliant red - quite a nice addition to the tromp.  So glad to have tromping grounds until the wheat is harvested and we can head up the hill once again. 

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