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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kathy - The Great Tromp Reluctance

I LOVE to tromp, FL LOVES to tromp, the Beast LOVES to tromp!  So what is the problem?  The Baby Beasts.  The nightly scenario goes something like this:  FL leader says, "Let's go for a tromp!"  The Beast runs and gets in the Rav.  I put my Merrills on and run and get in the Rav.  FL puts on his Merrills and runs and gets in the Rav.  Wait, something is wrong with this picture - we are missing the Baby Beasts.  So FL and I go to rally the rest of the troops.  The minute they see they see the masses heading to the Rav they stop in their tracks. When we call them they move cautiously and suspiciously if we are anywhere near the Rav.  Using treats we are able to coax them to the proximity of the Rav.  Then with a quick pounce we grab them and put them in the Rav.  This is getting more difficult daily as I do believe they are gaining at least 2 lbs a day.  Chubs must be pushing 40 lbs by now and he is only 3 months old!  Anyway they relax for a bit on the short drive to the tromp but once we get there the reluctance set in again. They press their bodies against the back of the front seats as far from the back door of the Rav as they can get.  FL usually ends up dragging them out, at which point they try desperately to get back in the Rav.  We head into the field where we tromp, the beast checking out all the new smells and just in general romping about with great joy.  FL and I and head down the path, noting the beauty around us, but wait, something is wrong with this picture - where are the Baby Beasts?  Sitting by the gate as if to say, "Not again!"  Eventually they take up the trail, but recently they have begun meandering - around the stock tank, over to this interesting smell...anything to prolong the inevitable tromp.  The strange thing about all this is that once they actually get going they seem to enjoy it. Their tails are wagging at least.  We take them up the hill, stop for a rest and general group love-in.  What beast can resist that?  It's all down hill from there - literally and they pick up the pace as they realize they are headed for the Rav and home.  So Sad.  Unfortunately I can relate.  I have always tended to be that way about exercise - I really never want to do it and certainly wouldn't choose to do it if left to make the choice myself, but once I got going I really enjoyed it.  (At least this has been my tendency in the past).  I have changed since tromping became a part of my life- I can hardly go without it.  If FL has a headache Beast and I will go without him.  I LOVE tromping!  Here's hoping that one day the Baby Beasts will come to love it too!

PS:  Day 2 of the KW-KB challenge completed - Hooray!

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