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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kathy - The Beast and I

The onward march of summer has brought changes to the hill - the bright, sunny yellow flowers covering the hillsides have given way to a cooler palette of purples and whites.  Some the grass is drying out and various seeds and burrs are developing.  This has brought changes to the tromp itself.  The seeds and burrs are a bad combination with dog fur, not to mention downright dangerous when they burrow into the beast's paws and ears.  The baby beasts have been banned from the hill because of this - their ears are right in target for the worst of it.  FL is off gallivanting with his brother  The Beast will soon also be banned from the hill, but for the time being the hill is a nice safe, remote place to exercise her.  She is currently in heat and tracking her scent down the road just doesn't seem like a happy option.  So that leaves a few more golden days of tromping for the Beast and I.  Bliss.  Warm sunshine, gently waving grass, colorful flowers, looking up to see the Beast watching me over the tops of the grasses to see what is taking me so long... while I am gathering an armful of flowers.  The Beast and I thoroughly enjoyed our tromp.

The baby beasts were marched around the next-door field and were better for it - at least Charger was, Chubs watched us for the most part.  When we started heading back he decided to join us and ambled over.  The Beast played in the ditch - dashing over from time to time to get us all wet.  So fun. We are all properly exercised and 'washed' now.

Will post an update on the results of my 10 days of Extreme Fat Loss and my new KB challenge soon. 

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